How to edit animated templates on your iPhone

How to upload templates to iPhone

Option number #1, without MAC or PC:

After the purchase, the .zip file will be available, open it in the ZipApp Lite application . Then from ZipApp, open the template in Keynote on your iPhone edit and export to a film in video format.

Option #2 using a MAC or PC:

Unzip the .zip file and upload it to Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive. Then open the template on the iPhone via Keynote.

How to use

The folder contains the file with templates and clean files. Open the templates, click the desired template, copy all the elements of the template. You can watch the animation by clicking on the play sign at the top of the screen. Then open the readable file of suitable size and paste the copied elements.

How to change colors, text, photo


Double tap on the text will turn on the keyboard — type your text


Click on the photo, then on the brush at the top, the editor will open. In the Image menu, click Replace and select a photo from your phone. 


You can change the color of any element, text, shape or background. For example, to change the color of the shape, click on the element, then on the brush, in the editor, click Style. Then click Phill, the color or gradient menu appears. Click the eyedropper and select a color in the photo.


Click the menu in the upper right corner and select Export. Save as a movie. Post to Instagram. Done.